We dream of a world where professional football players don’t dive. Where they serve as examples of honesty for the young. A world in which they respect their opponents, their fans and our beloved sport. Where they play hard but also always play fair.

If you would like to help that world become a reality, here’s what you can do to support the cause:

Football fans

You can support the cause by doing any of these things, or better still, all of them!

addressed to all the world’s professional players.

to your favourite players through social media and ask them to #StopDiving

with your friends:

all signs of honour and honesty on the field.

Professional football players

You caYou can earn the respect of fans and other players by becoming a great example of footballing integrity.

Show the world it can be done!

to your favourite players through social media and ask them to #StopDiving

Professional athletes from other sports

You can also contribute! Help us change by holding footballers accountable.

or send messages of support encouraging football players to embrace the cause. Post them with the hashtag #StopDiving

addressed to all professional players in the world and share it via your social networks.

Our principles

We believe…

  • … in the power of community. Like-minded people coming together can produce big changes in the world.
  • … that positive ideas bring true, meaningful change to the world, while negativity only creates defensiveness and resistance.

We communicate…

  • … by talking about restoring values like honour and integrity, not by criticising and pointing fingers.
  • … by being realistic, speaking out about the things we disagree with, then proposing solutions.
  • … by recognising and praising players who embrace the values we wish to promote, rather than attacking those who don’t.

We encourage…

… all those who support our cause to follow these principles too.

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