A #StopDiving victory!


We are thrilled to see that James (one of our own!) has declared victory on his #StopDiving petition after successfully influencing the English Football Association to implement Video Assistant Referees (VAR) and retrospective punishment for divers.

This is a great success and a powerful example to all football associations in the world. We thank the FA for being open to hear the fans voices. As James puts it in his closing remarks:

Fans acting together have a powerful voice! The FA needed to hear from fans and all your many comments went straight to the decision makers.

Thanks also go to change.org for enabling the voices of people to be heard by large organizations.

Huge congrats to James!

Our next goal: making a difference in the 2018 World Cup in Russia!

It’s possible

To all those players who could have dived but didn't, we thank you!


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Liverpool with only 4 dives, the most honest team this round.


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