Honest players wanted


In a world where diving is an established common practice in football, we are a group of fans who value honesty and sportsmanship above everything else. We try to encourage other fans to demand honour, honesty and integrity from their favourite players. We hope that fans coming together from all over the world will be able to send a strong enough message for the players to notice and react (read our full manifesto).

On the other side, we also realize there is only so much we can do as fans. We can send tweets, sign petitions, share our opinions with our friends, etc. But an even stronger message can come from within, from players who live and play on the field by those values. Players who are not afraid of going against established practices. Players who are capable of standing out and demonstrate to the world that honesty does exist in football.

We are looking for those honest and courageous players to join us in this endeavor to restore honour and honesty in football, to help us make football teach the value of integrity to the new generation.

If you are a professional football player and want to support this cause, please reach out to us at @StopDivingOrg.

Tracking the 2019 World Cup too

Our team will be tracking diving behaviour during the 2019 Women's World Cup.


Stories of unfair impact: Reward for Persistent Diving?

Players are more likely to ‘get away with it’ the more frequently they dive.


A new man everyday, by Neymar

Neymar just released a video where he speaks about his behavior on the field.