Today we’re launching our cause to ask football players to #StopDiving.

Fans throughout the whole world look up to professional football players as examples of strength, skill and success. It breaks our hearts to see them being dishonest on the field and giving that example to the new generations. It’s far too common to see players diving and faking injuries in the hope they will gain advantage over their opponent.

We want to encourage all fans regardless of their team preferences to ask their favourite players to respect their opponent and to respect themselves. To honour the sport we all love and to teach honesty and integrity to the next generation.

Our vision is to make Russia 2018 the first World Cup with no diving!

Read our full manifesto, learn how to support the cause and help us spread the word.

Help us make this #NewYearsResolution a reality.


The #StopDiving team

The Portsmouth Study: The Perception of Deceptive Intentions

Science can be applied to the challenge of identifying dives.


Luka Modrić, Golden Ball Award and top non diving player

The non-diving player who played the most minutes in the tournament.


Tracking the 2019 World Cup too

Our team will be tracking diving behaviour during the 2019 Women's World Cup.